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What is your biggest challenge when you're
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into new markets?
I help ambitious leaders scale their impact by enhancing their ability to inspire change and reducing their operational workload.
Team Alignment Program; Training on how to work in remote/hybrid format; Structuring internal processes and communications
Executive coaching for remote and hybrid organizations; Leadership development programs
Workshops and Keynote Speaking on virtual team management - motivation, leadership, communication, etc.
years of professional experience
hours of individual coaching/mentoring
hours of working with teams as a team coach, facilitator, and mentor
clients from 11 countries, including US, Australia, Zimbabwe, Russia etc...
Project portfolio
Six-month team development program for Sponsored Programs Office team at the Skolkovsky Institute of Science and Technology
Lecturer and author of HR Management and Leadership in a VUCA World courses for Russian and international students of Lomonosov Moscow Business School Business School
Creation of a globally distributed IT startup team within Rostec, organizational coaching.
Speaker and author of a course for HR Directors about managing people in turbulent times.
A series of meetings with Talent Tech HR Director to prepare for an internal strategy session with the executive team
A workshop for SkolTech executives on how to maintain motivation for online and hybrid teams.
Imlementation Mastery sessions facilitator for Russian-speaking and foreign summit participants
Webinar on working with goals for Samruk-Kazyna Corporate University in Kazakhstan.
Supporting the team in the implementation of a new logistics solution for a large retailer.
Nine-month HR Admin Team Development Program at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
HR and Organizational Development for MBA Students
Lecturer and author of courses on HR and Organizational Development in 2010-2012.
Preparing and conducting a strategy session for an agricultural organization in Zimbabwe
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