Executive Team Dynamics Insight (ETDI)
Discover the transformative power of a comprehensive team audit with our Executive Team Dynamics Insight (ETDI).
Key Features:
ETDI uses the innovative CLICK Framework as the foundation for our robust 360-degree Team Questionnaire and throughout the evaluation process to identify potential risk areas and suggest effective action steps.
  • 360-Degree Team Questionnaire:
    This questionnaire, rooted in the CLICK Framework, offers a balanced and nuanced assessment of each team member's skills, work behavior, and professionalism. It delivers a wide-ranging perspective, fostering a more transparent and accountable team environment.
  • Leader Assessment:
    Utilize our unique Game Changer Assessment tool that identifies your leader's potential impact within the business lifecycle. This tool is designed to help leaders identify and harness their energy sources for enhanced decision-making and business impact.
  • Stakeholder Feedback:
    Interviews with significant stakeholders provide further insight into their perception and expectations of the executive team, adding a valuable perspective to the audit.
  • Comprehensive Interviews:
    We conduct 45-minute interviews with the team leader, HR representative, and two team members. This in-depth approach provides a rich understanding of team dynamics, individual roles, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Actionable Report:
    Following the audit, you'll receive a comprehensive report, leveraging the CLICK Framework to highlight potential risk areas, strengths, weaknesses, and suggest tangible steps for improvement. This strategic report will serve as your guide to enhance team performance, effectiveness, and productivity.
The Executive Team Dynamics Insight is more than just an audit - it's a roadmap to a more collaborative, innovative, and productive team. Let our expertise guide you in optimizing your team's potential, enhancing your business processes, and driving your tech company towards unparalleled success. Experience this transformative power for free today.
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