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6 months coaching program for a team of 5 people
Project office team coaching
The team had moved to remote work and was starting to lose contact with each other. The team had a big organizational goal that was difficult to achieve and required maximum effort and teamwork by all team members.

6 months of team coaching, including team leader coaching, online team sessions to clarify team goals and create a development plan, participation in team workshops where immediate feedback can be given on how communications and interactions in the team are built.

The team created internal interactions and learned to work remotely: there was a clear format of meetings with different agendas, colleagues began to conduct training for each other and for colleagues from other departments.
The team had a plan and made the first steps to implement it to achieve its big organizational goal. Now the team feels confident that they will achieve these goals, as the quality of teamwork has grown strongly over the 6 months of work.
2 courses in English for Russian and international students
Courses for students in HR Management and Leadership in a VUCA World
To create a course on Human Resource Management and Leadership in a VUCA world for 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students at Moscow State University Business School.

Launched two English-language courses for international groups.

Students praised both courses for their theoretical background and interactions during the training: "It was a great course, one of the most interesting that I've had these semester."; "I liked pretty much everything, it was clear, understandable, structured, so I don't think it has to be improved"; "Everything was really perfect!!!".
10 months of working with a team of 25 people in four countries
Startup team launch
Create a team capable of selling Russian software abroad. Build communications within a distributed team - Russia, Turkmenistan, Nicaragua, Asian countries. Integrate the new CEO into the team, after the former CEO has moved to the Board of Directors.

Creation of communication principles within the team, implementation of digital collaboration tools, work with the new CEO and the team to create a sales strategy.


New CEO was integrated into the team by working together on creating the sales strategy. The strategy was approved by the Board of Directors and all internal processes were aligned with this strategy.
Interactive course for HR directors
Human Resources Director in an Era of Change Course
To create a course for HR Directors about managing teams and building a function in a time when everything is changing, long-term strategy is not in place or relevant, and legislation greatly affects different industries.

Launched a course for HR Directors on how to sustain business in a VUCA world.

Students appreciated the course, applied change management practices in their companies, audited the HR function, drafted a change project plan, and coordinated with key stakeholders.
7 sessions with international pre-summit participants
Implementation Mastery Session Facilitator at the 11th WBECS Pre-Summit
Hold a series of pre-summit webinar discussion meetings so participants can apply new information and ideas to their work, grow as coaches, and bring value to their clients.

Conducted 7 implementation mastery sessions in Russian and English.

All sessions received high marks from the participants.
3 months work with a team of 2 people
Team coaching for the Stockholm School of Economics
Support the training team of a corporate program for a large retailer in planning and preparing for project implementation within the organization.

A series of meetings with the team to work through the relationship with stakeholders and how to develop the project through understanding the needs of key customers, the forces of resistance, and finding supporters.

The team built relationships with key customers, found support within the organization, and agreed on the project with the company's leadership.
8 months of working with a team of 6 people
HR Admin Team Coaching at Skoltech
The team needs to build internal communication in a way that improves operational efficiency. This should result in fewer errors made by the team and a balance between work and life outside of the office.

8 months of team coaching, including team leader coaching, online team sessions to clarify team goals and create a development plan, participation in team workshops where immediate feedback can be given on how team communication and interaction is built.

The team created a plan to move from their current "backlog" to greater efficiency and began to implement it. Team members created collaborative practices, automated typical processes, created templates for work, and began interacting more actively with colleagues outside of their team and solving problems faster.
The team continues to work on the plan, but independently. During 8 months of coaching, they learned how to give feedback to each other and set up internal processes. They are now ready to move on their own.
A strategy session for PELUM Zimbabwe
Create a strategy document that demonstrates the value of the organization to agricultural association members, state agencies, sponsors, and team members

Conducted a series of preparation meetings with the client and then a team strategy session to answer key questions to be reflected in the document.

During the strategy session, the team developed answers to the key questions, and then created the Strategy document and increased team engagement during the development of a collaborative solution.
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