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Resilience Interview: Daria Rudnik

1. What is your name? Where do you live? What do you focus on in coaching/what do you do?
I am Daria Rudnik. I am a team and executive coach with a background in HR and Organizational Development. I am also an HR and Leadership speaker at Moscow State University Business School.
2. What does resilience mean to you?
Resilience for me is the ability to bounce back when the pressure is strong. It is also the ability to recognize stress and the time when you need a break and refuel. It doesn't mean that resilient people never fail or get overwhelmed but the more resilient we are the bigger challengers we can meet and the greater goals achieve without burning ourselves.
3. When in your life did you need to be the most resilient? What did you learn during that time?
I used to think of myself as a resilient person who is always ready for change. But when I had kids I realized how wrong I was :) I needed all my strength and flexibility to balance the needs of my baby daughters, my work, social, and family life. What I learned at that time is that it is ok to do nothing, to have some "boring", "ordinary" rest and that for a long-term performance I sometimes need to stop.
4. What’s worked best for you in supporting others to become more resilient?
When I work with people who want to be more resilient I find that self-awareness is the key - where are you right now, and where do you want to be? And then you start building from that point:
  • Make sure you have enough sleep, nutrition, fresh air, exercise.
  • Review your goals. Where do you need to focus, and what do you need to let go.
  • See the perspective. Things will change - what is the realistic and optimistic future you might envision?
  • Get connected with others.
5. If you were to have five minutes to share with the world one lesson about resilience, what would you share?
My one lesson about resilience is - be kind to yourself and others. Social connections give us a sense of belonging and support us going through turbulence.

This interview is part of a series Jake Fishbein is doing for the WBECS Community