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The Three Key Networks for Success

Success isn't a solo journey. It's all about the key networks we build, at work and beyond. Here's a simple guide to the three networks you truly need: Operational, Developmental, and Strategic. Each has its own crucial role in your career and leadership journey.

Operational Network: Your everyday teammates. These are the folks inside and outside of your company you interact with daily. They're vital for getting your day-to-day tasks done and being successful. This network also includes people who depend on your work. The demands they place on you can really influence your time and focus.

Personal Network: Your growth buddies. These are the reliable people you turn to for advice, a listening ear, and considering career options. They're important to helping you grow as a manager and leader.

Strategic Network: Your circle looking ahead. This network isn't about the current tasks but about reaching your long-term goals. It involves connecting with those who can help you anticipate and get ready for the future. The connections here are usually occasional but crucial, providing insights from the edge of your present experience.

Operational and Personal Networks form naturally. You find yourself interacting with these people on a routine basis. Yet, they require your attention and care to be truly beneficial.

Strategic Networks, on the other hand, take intentional effort to build. This means reaching out to those on the fringe of your present experience, exchanging mutual benefits. These contacts act as lookouts, offering early warnings and insights into future challenges and opportunities.

Having these networks is essential for anyone seeking to lead and succeed as the world evolves. Stay connected, keep leading.

Leadership is all about thinking ahead. To shape your future, actively developing these three networks is key. Begin building them today for a better future.