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"Yes Man" or "No Man"?

Do you remember the movie YES MAN? Jim Carrey's character was learning to say "yes" and seize the opportunities. He tried lots of different things and his life became happier and more fulfilled. Nice story for 2008. Is it still relevant for the upcoming 2022? I think it is still important for people to try new things, to learn something new, to have courage, and tell about their long-lasting feelings. But there is another important skill that we need to practice - it's the ability to say NO.

In a world of abundance, we have access to various kinds of entertainment, food, clothes, and stuff. A flood of information is distracting and creates a FOMO effect (fear of missing out). With the gig economy rising we can choose projects, work on different jobs and engage in volunteering activities. And that is fascinating.

But it is also the reason why so many people feel overwhelmed and burned out. Burnout is on the rise and the number of people who say they are burned out is increasing every year starting from 2014 (

And learning to say "no", will help to ease the anxiety and pressure. Say "no" to excessive social media. Say "no" to toxic relationships. Say "no" to a job offer that brings you more money and less meaning. Say "no" to an online course that you will never use. Say "no" to a book, that is neither interesting nor useful. Say "no" to a colleague who asks for a favor yet again and gives nothing in return.

Learning to say "no" will help us declutter our lives and find more time for things and relationships that give us meaning and joy.

What are you saying "no" to?