Team and organizations development

What makes a high-performing team?

What makes a high-performing team? As Dr John Mervyn-Smith puts it, "High-performing teams have 'quality' debates, that support 'quality' decisions, that support execution of agreed objectives in line with agreed parameters."

So how can you make it work❓

✅ The first thing I do is team assessment. I use The GC Index because it's based on a large business cycle and helps not only to identify the team's inclinations but also to start a discussion and find solutions on how to leverage the team's diversity.

✅ Then have regular team conversations about how you make decisions as a team, how you handle disagreements and conflicts, how you define the shared goal, and what the objectives are for the team and each individual.

✅ Third, you see how the decisions the team made in these conversations are implemented in the day-to-day work. It's not only important to figure out what you want to change - but it also takes a lot of time and effort to change the team's behavior patterns.

✅ Next - the team reflects on what's working well and what they need to improve.

Through these discussions and reflections, the team evolves from a potential team to a real team and eventually to a high-performing team. And the next step would be to grow a team that not only performs well but that can deliver greater value to all of its stakeholders.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash