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Powerful coaching questions

Если вы проводите коучинговые сессии на английском, то вам пригодится этот список вопросов.

Defining outcome & contracting

  • On the scale 1 - 10 where would you identify yourself?
  • How would you know you've got it?
  • Would that be a worthwhile use of your time?
  • If you and I were to meet in 7 days and you would be feeling so great to report to me: "You know what! This is what I accomplished!" What would you say to me?
  • How will you know by the end of the session that you have made progress with your goal?

Explore positive values

  • Why is this important for you?
  • When you are more ---- what does that give you that is even more important?
  • Why else do you want to have more --- in your life?
  • What becomes possible when you are more ---?
  • Who are you being when you live from ----?
  • What else is important to you about ---?
  • As if you could imagine yourself with more ---- right now... what does that feel like?
  • As if you had a dial and you could just turn up this quality of --- and feel it… what do you notice?
  • As you step into this way of being, what advice do you have for yourself?
  • I’m wondering if we were to spend our session today on this motivation and getting more focused, what is important about that for you?
  • What kind of person do you want to be?
  • What meaning and purpose does it give you?
  • And when you have this efficiency, consistency, reliability, and wellbeing...what will that give you that is even more important?
  • So, supposing you had … … already. What does that do for You? ..(or) gives You?
  • And when you have THAT.. What would then become even more relevant to you?

Reframing to positive

  • What would you be doing differently?
  • What would you rather be doing than that?
  • What would it be like?
  • What would you like instead of that..?
  • What’s in your control here..?
  • How would you rather be?
  • How do you want to feel, rather than anxious?
  • And how do you want to be?

Commitment & Accountability

  • By doing these steps, what does that say about who you are becoming?
  • What value will doing this step create for you? What will be the positive impact on your project/life/others?
  • Why else is doing this important?
  • How might you reward yourself/celebrate
  • How might you even further deepen your commitment?
  • How will this (..action, plan, timeline..etc..) impact your life at large..?


  • Where do you want to focus from here?
  • We have --- minutes left, what do you want to get out of our conversation at this point?
  • What question are you asking yourself now, that would move yourself forward?
  • What new insight/learning/awareness is emerging for you? What does that mean for you?
  • How would you like to explore from here?
  • And from here, we have xxx minutes left...what at this point do you want to get out of our remaining time?
  • What aspects are moving you up the scale?
  • What might be the question that will move you even higher?

More questions

  • What is it in this that resonates with you?
  • What if any are you hearing or listening to?
  • And if you could see yourself moving more and more to ... - what do you notice?
  • Go way out into the future...into your golden years....from this perspective, what do you notice about this decision from here?
  • What value have you gotten from this discussion so far?
  • What has shifted for you?