Creating high-performing teams

Programs for the development of executive, project and product teams
Team development programs
Team coaching and consulting for building effective teams
Synchronizing the virtual team
You feel that there is a loss of communication between people who work remotely. It's hard to communicate, it's not clear who is doing what, meetings don't help and take a lot of time and effort.
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Starting a new team / Transforming a team
If you need to quickly start showing results with a new team. If you need to work out the general rules of work, preserving best practices.
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Increasing team efficiency
If your team is tired, overloaded, conflicts among themselves and with other departments, makes ineffective decisions, does not take responsibility....
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Workshops and seminars
Motivating remote teams
What motivates employees? How does motivating a team differ from motivating an individual employee? How to motivate a distributed team?
Remote team meetings
How to conduct meetings of remote teams:
- Types of meetings
- How often to hold meetings
- Rules and guidelines for effective remote meetings
Psychological safety and well-being of a virtual team
How to make people in a virtual or hybrid team feel comfortable and able to invest their ideas, energy, and involvement without fear of judgment or fear of making a mistake.

90% of investors believe that the quality of the management team is the only significant non-financial factor to consider when going public. And when a strong team works on achieving the overall vision, the probability of achieving outstanding financial results almost doubles.

Scott Keller and Mary Meaney, Leading Organization: Ten Timeless Truths, New York, NY: Bloomsbury, 2017

  • observe team interaction and give developmental feedback
  • help the team agree on roles and principles of work within the team
  • help the team clarify expectations of customers and agree with them on the value that the team can bring when working together
  • train the team to learn and develop as they work together
  • accompanying business tasks on-the-job and focused on creating value for the future

  • The team knows how to negotiate roles and ways of interacting internally to create value for the customer
  • Team meetings become more productive and require less time
  • The team has the competencies to respond to customer needs in a changing environment
  • The team has a shared vision and measure of success
Sample program structure
I want to thank Daria Rudnik and Natalia Gulchevskaya for the professional support they have provided during the team coaching of my team. We've been working with a team of 5 people for a period of 6 months (fall 2020 – spring 2021). The coaches helped me as a team leader to identify priorities that helped me to focus on more systemic and strategic tasks. I have restructured the work of my department so that the team members became more independent in decision making, communication with the executive team, and starting up new initiatives. For my team, the team coaching helped to understand their roles more clearly, boosted cross-communication and collaborations, and mutual personal and professional support.

The other very important benefit of this team coaching program is that it was not a short-term result but we now have principles that we use in our day-to-day work. And I thank the coaches for that.

Thank you

Natalia Kosmodemianskaya
Head of Sponsored Programs Office at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Experience & Expertise
Experience in launching and supporting startups
Spiral Dynamics
Auditing the team and the organization from a spiral dynamics perspective
Helping to build self-organizing teams
Group dynamics
In the programs I use the tools and principles of working with groups according to The Tavistock Institute methodology
Remote/hybrid teams
I have been building remote teams since 2010 in 11 countries.

The Skoltech team would like to thank Daria Rudnik, Olga Lavrenko, Natalia Gulchevskaya, Natalia Smurova for the successful project on coaching teams of the Human Resources, the Department of Research Contracts Department, and the Sponsorship Programs Department.
The project provided high-level professional support to the teams to rally around the goals and values of the Institute, as well as to solve organizational and individual tasks of the participants.

Elena Kosacheva
Head of HR

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